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4 Simple Streps to Improve Your Productivity 30/03/20

Working both in and out of the office we can all sometimes struggle with staying focused and productive! You’re not alone when distractions and other things can sometimes get in the way of completing our goal.

 Plan your Day!

Write out your plan for the day, if it is written down in front of you it makes it more manageable and seems less like an impossible task! Put all your tasks in order that you need to complete them and give them each a time frame to ensure that you don’t spend too much time on one task and then don’t have time for the rest.

Don’t leave the worst till last! In actual fact, you should be doing our mot dreaded task first to get it out the way. You’re more likely to skip it or miss it if it’s at the end of your list than if you tackle it first.


Take Regular Breaks!

Don’t get too bogged down, when you write your schedule out make sure you put in regular breaks for yourself. Your break can be as quick as 5 mins. Most importantly make sure you move away from your workspace. Get up, get a drink get 5 mins outside, anything! Just make sure it is time away from your workspace, it can help clear your head and relax if you feel you’re getting bogged down.

Make sure you take your lunch break away from your workspace. Keep your desk for work purposes only!

Avoid Distractions!

Clear your workspace! Only have a few things in front of you and around you that you need to complete your work. Take away all unnecessary items that might cause distraction.

Hitting the Wall!

This al happens to us. Lack of motivation can’t think straight, and the words just don’t come out straight. In times like this its best to take yourself away from work, take a break and do something else for a while. This can help clear your head and bring you back to concentration.

‘It always seems impossible until it’s done.’


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