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Everything you wanted to know about haulage and more! 07/08/19

How many HGV’s did you count on your most recent journey?  It’s a fact that the UK’s haulage industry is seeing fantastic growth, despite current Brexit fears.

With the December rush we’d thought we’d examine the aspects of the haulage industry that you might not know about.

Fun Facts!

The word lorry was first used in English in 1838 referring to a luggage truck on a train. 

2.3 million people work in logistics sector. That's half the population of Sweden!

8% of total UK workforce are employed in logistics sector. That's 1 in every 12 people you meet!

Haulage is a huge part of the UK economy. In fact haulage is the UK's 5th largest employment sector.

Got your Christmas food planned? The UK haulage sector will transport 98% of all the food you eat this year.

Now you know the facts stay safe!

Last minute Christmas rush? If driving at 50 miles per hour, a distance of 53m between vehicles is ideal – if the roads are wet, then this distance should increase to 106m.

Have you thought about how much HGV drivers can see?

HGV drivers struggle to see down the left-hand side. And if they’re turning left, they have the same problem on the other side.

Haulage drivers don't stop!

We all admire the commitment of nurses, doctors, surgeons, the armed forces and emergency services at this time of year.  Please do remember that whilst you're tucking in to your Christmas lunch our hgv drivers will keep on trucking.