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Is It Time For Concern? 26/06/18

Is it Time for Concern?

Is there a HGV Driver shortage in the UK? That seems to be the question being thrown around most transport offices this year. There has been a substantial amount of speculation in the media recently about the HGV Driver shortages, the possibility of summer delay disasters, and post-Brexit supply chain disruption as a result of the possible migration rulings. For any member of the Logistics industry, this is an important avenue to explore.

"’s vital that the sector does more to bring people into the industry." - Richard Burnett, CEO - RHA
The RHA Chief Executive, Richard Burnett, had the following comments on the issue, “The UK haulage industry is currently facing a shortage of between 45k and 50k HGV drivers and we as an industry need to face this challenge head-on.” He continued, “And with a shortage of drivers across Europe, it’s vital that the sector does more to bring people into the industry."

With the expense of theoretical and practical testing required in order to obtain a HGV Class 1 licence in the UK, it is no wonder that there is a shortage. The question as to whether the industry is going to face a driver deficit is now seriously being considered by numerous bodies. In an attempt to combat the issue, Microlise, in partnership with the RHA, have developed the Road to Logistics, "a national training programme to encourage new talent into the transport and logistics industry from sections of society...".

"For some transport companies, agency drivers are a vital component..."
With that said, it seems the ultimate solution has not yet arisen, with the number of people taking C+E test's in the UK falling circa 11% year-on-year. Based on research that has been carried out by the Motor Transport Association, the number of potential candidates required to pass their test each year, in order to keep up with demand, will have to double over the coming years. To support the 'Road to Logistics' programme, visit

In conclusion, whilst many resent the fact, "for some transport companies, agency drivers are a vital component of a flexible workforce. As with any workforce, some are excellent, others are less so."


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