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Is There Really a Driver Shortage in the UK? 26/06/18

Is There Really a Driver Shortage in the UK?


There has been a lot of speculation in the media recently about the HGV driver shortage, the possibility of summer delay disasters, and post-Brexit supply chain disruption as a result.  Kinetic want to address the issue.

The RHA Chief Executive, Richard Burnett had the following comments, “The UK haulage industry is currently facing a shortage of between 45k and 50k HGV drivers and we as an industry need to face this challenge head-on”

These fears seem to be backed up by a recent survey conducted by Asset Alliance Industry Monitor in association with Motor Transport revealed that some 57% of Senior figures within the industry believe that "the lack of skilled drivers is the biggest concern for the future of the road haulage industry".  

It seems the solution has not yet arisen, with the number of people taking C+E test's in the UK falling a further 11% year-on-year.  The RHA's proposed 'Road to Logistics' seems to be facing some difficulties, however popularity is slowly increasing.

Based on the research that is being done, the number of drivers required to do their test each year in order to keep up with demand will have to double over the coming years.  To support the 'Road to Logistics' programme, visit


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