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Keep calm and carry on trucking! 25/05/18

Keep calm and carry on trucking!

Whether you’re a regular motorway driver, or occasional traveller, you won’t be able to miss the changing face of road freight. 

Improvements in technology and stricter regulations, mean that lorries and their drivers are seeing a whole raft of changes. From more carbon, neutral vehicle designs to compulsory rest breaks, the job as a HGV driver is a long departure from what it has been in the past.

Concerns over the impact of Brexit, and the loss of some big high street names, have added to pressures on haulage companies. In fact, the industry as a whole is facing a crisis of a driver shortage.

So, finding the right people for the job is critical in the road to success.


What to look for in a HGV driver

When it comes to looking for the right qualities of a first-class HGV driver, you need to have specialist insight.

Here are a few pointers of what to look for from a good HGV haulier:

Honesty.Good HGV drivers will have a clean record and an honest attitude, so look for integrity of individuals. After all, the drivers will be transporting the goods without supervision. Complying with rules and regulations is essential to providing a good service.

Reliability.Sending products off for distribution is like waving a child off on the first day of school. You need to know that they will be looked after, but also make it to the right place at the right time. The industry is run to tight schedules. HGV drivers need to turn up for jobs promptly, meeting their delivery slots without taking unnecessary risks.

Safety.There are too many upsetting stories of dangerous driving in the haulage industry. Taking care of the cargo and vehicle as well as other road users, is the duty of care that all good prospective HGV drivers should demonstrate.

Very few individuals within the logistics industry manage to successfully recognise and instil the aforementioned qualities.  Through stringent assessments, both written and practical, and various other schemes, Kinetic Recruitment can ensure that our drivers far exceed the required standard of a HGV Driver.


Specialist HGV recruitment - Kinetic Recruitmentis just that.

Part of the SH Pratt Group, Kinetic provides a consistently high quality of HGV Driver within Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and surrounding areas.

The dedicated and capable team are on hand 24/7 to assist with any logistics requirements at minimal notice, providing staff, training facilities, and particle driver assessments.

To find out more about Kinetic, how they support customer requirements and exceed expectations, contact the driver recruitment specialists on 01582 436 591.