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Keeping Safe on our Roads 16/05/19

In Britain, it feels like our roads get busier every day. More cars, vans and lorries take to our roads each year to travel and transport goods around the country. As there are more of us around, it's important for us all to stay safe while driving.

HGV drivers have strict rules and regulations that they must adhere to before they even set out on their journeys.

It is a legal requirement that drivers complete a walk around of their unit and trailer prior to driving it to ensure both the tractor unit and trailer are safe and fit for purpose. All drivers must be able to demonstrate due diligence through these checks before every journey.

By law, drivers are required to take regular breaks when driving. HGV Drivers must take a minimum of 15 mins break every 4.5 hours. It is important to adhere to this law to avoid accidents due to tiredness and to ensure it is followed all drivers are monitored on a taco card which is downloaded regularly.

Every 5 years HGV drivers must complete 35 hours training to keep their Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). This is also for Lorry, Bus and coach drivers. If any driver is found to be driving without a CPC they can be fined up to £1000.

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