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Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Perfect Home Office! 30/03/20


Some jobs may give you the flexibility to work from home as well as in the office. Great! More flexibility, more trust from your employer and means you can work your job around other commitments. Now it's down to you to create that perfect workspace for yourself at home! What makes a good home office?

Designated Work Area

Within your home make a designated workspace. This will be where you will set up your home office and will be for your ‘work’ time. Be sure to find a place that has minimal distractions in front of you that could deter you from your focus.

Keep it Minimal

Try to keep the rea as clear of distraction, clutter, and mess as possible. You should ideally have in front of you the things that you need to work with. Most commonly these would be a computer, pen/pencil, and writing paper, your job might need you to have other resources and that is fine, as long as you don’t clutter the area too much, as this can have a negative effect on your productivity!

Keep it clutter-free, organise what items you need to have around you. If you need a certain item for a certain job then use it and then remove it from the area once completed. It could then become a distraction with other jobs.


Good lighting!

Getting the right lighting is important. Make sure you are positioned in a light and airy space. Being next to a window is best as you can get natural lighting and if needed you can open the window for some well needed fresh air! (fresh air can help boost your concentration)

If being next to a window isn’t an option make sure you have adequate lighting, you want to keep the area light to help keep you awake and engaged.


Are you sitting comfortably?

Sitting in the correct position is so important for staying engaged and focused. Make sure the chair you choose is the right height for your workstation and supports you. Use a pillow to help get the right seating position!


Just like if you were in the office keep focused and stick to your schedule! A good workspace can help a lot! And also remember all this applies to your workspace in the office as well – keep it tidy!


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